MJL Bangladesh Limited (DSE: MJLBD), formerly Mobil Jamuna Lubricant Limited, is the first and only JV company established by ExxonMobil in the downstream petroleum sector of Bangladesh. EC Securities Ltd, an investment wing of East Coast Group, holds majority stake after ExxonMobil’s divestment.

MJL Bangladesh Limited commissioned a state-of-the-art Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) – the first of its kind in the country-in May 2003. Since then, the production of this plant and marketing activities of MJL Bangladesh Limited have expanded greatly.

As required by ExxonMobil’s Quality Integrity Management System (QIMS), this zero emission Plant strictly follows the quality programs, starting from receiving the base oils from ExxonMobil and additives from other global suppliers, as per ExxonMobil recommendation and formulation. The Plant is certified by ExxonMobil QP&G, QIMS and Germinischer Lloyd (GLC) ISO 9001-2000. A team of highly qualified, trained and skilled personnel operate the Plant with a warranty of hundred percent product quality assurances.

Being a shining example of Technology transfer in the country, the company has created direct employment opportunities for 120 people, 2000 associated jobs, significant value addition in lube blending and the availability of world-class lubricants in Bangladesh.

Major Products

 Automotive Lubricants
 Aviation Lubricants
 Industrial Lubricants
 Marine Lubricants


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