Parkesine Products Limited, a newly formed concern of East Coast Group started its commercial production from 1st of November, 2010 .The main objective of Parkesine Products Limited is to provide quality assured products and services as well as ensuring a reasonable pricing by market research and comparison of similar goods and services. It is one of the few companies which not only produce plastic cans but also pails of different shapes. It has imported automated Blow Molding Machines and its related equipments from Taiwan to produce empty plastic cans for lube oil industries. Injection molding machines and its related equipments were imported from China to produce different shaped pails for lube oil and painting industries. To maintain the best quality of products it imports all the raw materials from different countries mainly from Taiwan & Saudi Arabia on regular basis.

The company has a very efficient team of engineers, technicians, supervisors and workers who all are working under a very experienced Plant Manager, who has 12 years work experience of working in this plastic industry. Moreover the company has trained all the employees in their respective fields at their factory with the help of foreign experts from Taiwan. The company has a policy to provide better working environment to keep the employees healthy and safe. All the activities within the Plant are closely monitored from the Head Office on time to time basis.

From the very beginning it has been supplying its products to MJL Bangladesh Ltd which is the largest suppliers of Lubricants to the local market. Currently MJL is purchasing 1, 4 & 5L empty can, 20L empty pail and different sized empty grease cans from Parkesine Product Limited. Every year the company has the capacity to produce 3,840,000 Pc’s of Lub Can & 360,000 Pc’s of pail. As per the order of MJL Bangladesh Ltd, the company will supply 60% of the above products to MJL.

The company is already in contact with other reputed Lub Oil suppliers. It is predicted that the company would receive more orders in the near future and have an increased market share.