We at ECG believe in investing in our Human Capital, so that they are nurtured and groomed in a way that is aligned with culture and values of the group itself.

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We provide subsidized lunch, which is both affordable and nutritious for our work force. Every employee takes turns to be the Food and Beverage manager for the month and they buy the groceries and set the menu accordingly. This also brings the in some fun elements as regional culinary influences and delicacies are often included in the daily diet.

In order to implement Team building and Motivational exercises we have sports days through out the year. Playing competitive cricket among us and other corporate teams.

Our head office is designed with ergonomics in mind, so that there is room for individuality and creativity while maintaining strict SOP’s. The lush greenery surrounding East Coast Centre is there for all employees to enjoy during lunch and free time. The picturesque setting also encourages us to move out of our conference rooms and cubicles to go have business meeting outside in the garden areas, which are equipped with power access and is WiFi zone.