East Coast Group has put top priority in its corporate social responsibilities. Not only engaging in CSR activities but also in reducing their carbon footprint by making wiser energy choices. The social welfare activity of the group is mainly concentrated in Education & Health Care.

East Coast Group has got non-profitable organization incorporated in the name of “Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Charitable Foundation” to embark on other social welfare oriented projects in future to fulfill its cherished desire of benevolent activities & to discharge its corporate responsibilities. It has so far established following institution & health care service as part of its corporate commitment to render social welfare activities:

  • Mohtasin Ali Chowdhury Secondary & Higher Secondary School, Kadipur, Kulaura

    This School was established by the East Coast Group in the year 1990. Land, building and all other related infrastructure were donated by the Group. The current contribution to the school will be in excess of Taka 15 million for development of the School. This School has provided access to education of the least privileged section of people in Kulaura upazila. This School is now running as one of the best educational institutions in the district of Moulvibazar. It has received award as best school and best teacher status by Secondary Female Assistance Project. Being satisfied with its excellent performance, the Honourable Education Minister has recently sanctioned Taka 21,00,000 for construction of an independent building for Science Laboratory.

  • Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Diabetes Centre, Kulaura, Moulvibazar

    This diabetes centre was established in the year 2000. The Centre has been providing free medical treatment to the poor diabetic patients. The Group has so far donated more than Taka 10 million for developing the centre. Number of patients so far registered in the Centre is more than 500. 60-70 patients are treated everyday. The Centre also provides diagnostic facilities including medicines at subsidized cost. The Group has already purchased land for construction of full fledged diabetes hospital. The development of land and design is in progress.

  • Health and Family Welfare Centre, Kadipur Union, Kulaura

    East Coast Group has also donated land to the Ministry of Health, Government of Bangladesh for construction of a Health and Family Welfare Centre in Kadipur Union. The construction is in progress on this prime land which upon completion will be able to extend primary Medicare facilities to the people of this union.