East Coast Group (ECG)

East Coast Group (ECG) is one of the fastest growing business conglomerates in Bangladesh. Having more than 30 years of experience in diversified business interests including Trading, Power Generation, Downstream Petroleum, Shipping, Renewable Energy, Plastics & Ceramics Manufacturing, Real Estate, Wood Treatment, Corporate Finance, Banking, Insurance, Tea Production, Logistics and Distribution.

Our maiden journey was started having a lone company as its trading area focusing on oil & gas sector, which is still soaring as the flagship business of the group.

Trading mainly in petroleum, crude oil & base stock followed by their transportation in early eighties & rest of the companies with diversified portfolios gained momentum in nineties. The group became active in different areas of business starting from trading in bulk commodities to investing in manufacturing, real estate, financial intermediaries, bank & insurance sector. The group further expanded its areas of operation to aviation business and development of power stations.

Subsequently, an investment arm was stretched having a merchant-banking license to handle group’s in-house asset management functions including developing its business as independent financial intermediary. In order to capitalize trading activities in bulk in a totally liberated consumer market, a distribution company was launched lately for import & distribution of brand products in the high-end market segment.



  • 1977

    East Coast Trading (Private) Limited

    Founding of East Coast Trading (Private) Limited

  • 1980

    Bangladesh Trade Syndicate Limited

    Incorporation of Bangladesh Trade Syndicate Limited (BTSL)

  • 1982


    East Coast Shipping Lines Limited

    Commencement of East Coast Shipping Lines Limited

  • 1983


    TNT Express

    BTSL becomes the Sole Representative of TNT Express in Bangladesh

  • 1985

    Green Delta Insurance Company

    Sponsorship of Green Delta Insurance Company

  • 1990


    CSR: Mohtasin Ali Chowdhury Secondary & Higher Secondary School /Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Diabetes Centre

    Inauguration of Mohtasin Ali Chowdhury Secondary & Higher Secondary School along with Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Diabetes Centre

  • 1995

    Prime Bank Limited

    Sponsorship of Prime Bank Limited

  • 1996

    EC Securities Limited/Prime Finance & Investments Limited/PFI Securities Limited

    Incorporation of EC Securities Ltd. Also, sponsorship of Prime Finance & Investments Limited and PFI Securities Limited

  • 1998


    EC Distribution Limited/ Mobil Jamuna Lubricants Limited/MJFL/Union Capital

    Establishment of EC Distribution Limited. Acquisition of Mobil Jamuna Lubricants Limited from ExxonMobil. Formation of Mobil Jamuna Fuels Limited. Acquisition of Peregrine Capital Limited’s, based out of Hong Kong, Bangladesh operation and re-licensed as Union Capital.

  • 1999

    Progressive Life Insurance Company

    Sponsorship of Progressive Life Insurance Company

  • 2000

    Central Depositary Bangladesh Limited

    Sponsorship of Central Depository Bangladesh Limited along with other corporate partners

  • 2003


    Nordic Woods Limited

    Joint Venture with Solor Treimpregnering A/S (Norway) to form Nordic Woods Limited

  • 2004


    Power Generation

    Setup Power Station of 1200MW in partnership with “FGUP’VO” Technopromexport (TPE) Russia

  • 2006



    Acquisition of minority stake in James Finlay’s Bangladesh operation

  • 2007


    Clean Fuel Filling Stations

    Launched Clean Fuel Filling Stations

  • 2009


    MJL Bangladesh Limited

    Mobil Jamuna Lubricants Ltd renamed as MJL Bangladesh Limited

  • 2010


    Radiance Alliance Limited/Parkesine Products/EC Bulk Carriers/Omera I

    Joint Venture with Surana Power & Telecom, India, to form Radiant Alliance Limited. Vertical integration to form Parkesine Products. Also, purchased Omera I through establishment of EC Bulk Carriers

  • 2011

    ASP Omera Crew Management/Omera Petroleum Limited/ Omera Fuels Limited/Omera Queen

    Purchased Omera Queen, largest Oil Tanker of Bangladesh, also form ASP Omera Crew Management in partnership with ASP Group, Australia. Formed Omera Petroleum Limited. with entrance to the LPG sector of Bangladesh. Renamed Mobil Jamuna Fuels Limited (MJFL) as Omera Fuels Limited