Chairman’s Message

Since inception of our business, we have been following high ethical standard and best operating practices. Having these ideals as our philosophy, the group has been making consistent growth having focus on Energy sector business in addition to our investment in Tea, Insurance, Finance and Banking sector. Our corporate vision is to make a significant contribution to the development of the country’s energy sector and to help building a sustainable future. We have diversified ourselves into niche areas of business, and we have done so with rigorous planning and motivation. We have had endured the adverse times in the market and look forward to gather achievements, which I believe we can accomplish by preserving our corporate tradition and integrating it with rewarding synergies. We also take sincere measures in enabling our social responsibilities and we measure to reduce our carbon footprints, so that we can leave behind accessible prospects for the forthcoming generation.

Azam J. Chowdhury
Founder & Chairman
East Coast Group

Board Members